Space Heater Safety Tips by Electrician in Burbank

Those chilly winter nights and mornings can make it a little tough to get moving in the morning. Sitting at your desk or sitting in your favorite chair as you drink your cup of coffee is always a little nicer when you have a space heater in the area to make you feel nice and toasty warm. Be careful you don’t get too warm and never want to leave your spot! However, before you pull out your trusty space heater, there are some precautions you need to take first. Burbank electrical fires are not uncommon and in the winter time, space heaters are often the culprits. At H Electric, we want you to be safe and have put together a list of tips for you to follow before you use your space heater for the first time.

First, before you even plug the heater in, you need to do a careful inspection of the cord. Start from one end and work your way down. Check for any areas where wires are exposed, the plug is loose or discolored, or any cuts or nicks in the protective plastic that protects the electrical wiring in the cord. If you see any signs of wear, take the heater to somebody who can fix the cord before you plug it in. It isn’t worth you risking a fire. You can also call an electrician in Burbank.

If the cord checks out okay, find an available outlet. Do not use an extension cord. Space heaters draw a lot of electricity and can overload an extension cord. Place the heater in an area it has plenty of room to breathe out the back. Do not place it up against a wall, furniture or curtains. The heaters can get very hot and end up sparking a fire when used too close to flammable items.

If you have any more questions or concerns about using your space heater this winter, give H Electric a call today.