Save Money with Tips from Burbank Electrician

We could all use a little extra change in our pocket. Whether we are saving up for a college education down the road or taking a nice family vacation, every little bit helps. A budget is an excellent way to save money. Part of a budget means watching every little penny. When you are counting pennies, you can count on these tips from your Burbank electrician to help add a little more money to your monthly savings. Reducing your electric bill is possible. The team at H Electric can provide you with more information.

First and foremost, you need to take a good hard look at how much electricity is being wasted by leaving on electronics and lights when it isn’t necessary. If you have kids who are just not getting the hang of switching off the lights, consider installing light sensors that automatically turn on the lights when you enter a room and off when the room is vacant.

Make a conscious effort to cut back on showering time. Shaving a few minutes off of every shower taken in the house on a daily basis can add up to a great deal of energy savings. Along with that, you can turn your water heater down to about 120 degrees to save even more money.

Consider having a ceiling fan installed to help reduce the need for the air conditioner in the summer. This is something an electrician in Burbank can take care of for you. The fan will help with your winter heating bills as well by pushing the hot air down into the living space.

Talk with your family about unplugging electronics including chargers when not in use. Electricity is stilled pulled from items when they are plugged in, even if there is nothing being charged or the appliance is off. This is referred to as phantom power.

If you would like to learn more about what you can do to save on your electric bill, give H Electric a call today.

Lower Electric Bill with Tips by Electrician Burbank Homeowners Trust

Looking at that electric bill after a hot summer and thinking to yourself, something has to change? If so, read on. You will find some very effective tips to cutting down on your electric bill provided by an electrician. Burbank homeowners are likely feeling the energy crunch as rates continue to rise. Although there is little you can do about the rising rates, you can do something to cut back on the amount of power you use and help save yourself a few dollars every month. Every little bit helps and you will discover these tips are fairly simplistic and will not cause a major interruption in your current lifestyle.

1-Unplug all of your small appliances when you are not using them. This includes chargers for your cell phones, laptops, tablets and so on. They each draw a little energy even if there is nothing being charged. Toasters, coffeemakers, and electric can openers can all be unplugged as well.

2-Rely on fans in the fall to keep you cool on days that tend to be a little warm. If you only need a slight breeze blowing through to keep you comfortable, have a ceiling fan installed by an electrician. Burbank residents can rely on H Electric to get this job for you quickly and in a professional manner. Fans are much more cost-effective than an air conditioner.

3-Replace your current halogen light bulbs with CFLs. These energy-efficient lights are a couple more dollars in the stores, but they last 4 times longer than the halogen bulbs and they use significantly less power than the cheaper option. This is a job you can do on your own.

These are just a few things you can do today to lower your electric bill. There are plenty of other opportunities for decreasing the amount of electricity you use in your home. Give H electric a call to learn more.