Speed Up Electric Car Charging with Burbank Electrician

Driving an electric car has some serious advantages. One of the main reasons people opt to buy an electric car is the gas savings. Most models can drive about 60 miles on a fully charged battery. That is a typical commute for those who live in the city. That means no need to stop and get gas every couple of days and drain your bank account of your hard earned money. Unfortunately, many electric car owners are discovering one major problem with their electric car—a full charge can take a long time to reach. This doesn’t have to be a problem anymore. An electrician in Burbank, like those at H Electric, can help you with a solution to your electric car charging situation.

The problem is most car chargers that are sold with an electric car are the Level 1 chargers. These are trickle chargers and take around 24 hours to fully charge the car. Not many people have a full 24 hours off between shifts, which means their car is going to be depleted of its charge by the second day of work and forced to rely on gas. A Level II charger is available. This faster charging system is a little more expensive and will require a Burbank electrician to assist with the install, but overall, you would be saving money on your commuting bill.

The faster charging system can fully charge an electric car in about 8 hours depending on the model. This is a more feasible option for those on the go. An electrician will need to install a 240-volt outlet in your garage or carport to run the charger. Before doing so, the electrician will need to do an inspection of your electric panel to ensure there is room for the additional breaker. If there isn’t, you will need an electric panel upgrade. This is all information your friendly electrician from H Electric will explain, just give them a call today.