Do You Need a Wiring Upgrade? Electrician in Burbank Answers

You probably can’t see the wiring in your house that makes your lights work or feeds electricity to your outlets, but what if you could? Would it look okay to you? In reality, you probably wouldn’t have any idea what you were looking for. Hopefully, you can’t see the wiring. Exposed wires are never a good thing and certainly warrant a call to your local electrician. Burbank homeowners who are not sure about the condition of their wiring or those that can actually see it can call H Electric to perform an electric safety inspection.

If the inspection reveals there are some issues with the existing electrical wiring in the house, it means you will likely need a wiring upgrade. This tends to be more common in homes that are more than 50 years old. However, depending on the quality of the craftsmanship and the codes at the time the home was built, any home could be due for an upgrade. Small upgrades like updated outlets and light fixtures are also an option you have to add an additional layer of protection to your home.

Upgrading the electrical wiring makes your home a little safer and cut down the risk of an electrical fire. Because of the sensitive situation working with electricity, only an experienced electrician in Burbank should do the work. In most situations, county code will require a certified electrician complete the work. This can also help save you money on your homeowner’s insurance. Homes that have been brought up to today’s code standards will often be cheaper to insure. The peace of mind you will get after an electrical inspection and wiring upgrade if needed is priceless. If you are ready to make your home a little safer, give H Electric a call today and schedule your electric safety inspection.

Save Money with Tips from Burbank Electrician

We could all use a little extra change in our pocket. Whether we are saving up for a college education down the road or taking a nice family vacation, every little bit helps. A budget is an excellent way to save money. Part of a budget means watching every little penny. When you are counting pennies, you can count on these tips from your Burbank electrician to help add a little more money to your monthly savings. Reducing your electric bill is possible. The team at H Electric can provide you with more information.

First and foremost, you need to take a good hard look at how much electricity is being wasted by leaving on electronics and lights when it isn’t necessary. If you have kids who are just not getting the hang of switching off the lights, consider installing light sensors that automatically turn on the lights when you enter a room and off when the room is vacant.

Make a conscious effort to cut back on showering time. Shaving a few minutes off of every shower taken in the house on a daily basis can add up to a great deal of energy savings. Along with that, you can turn your water heater down to about 120 degrees to save even more money.

Consider having a ceiling fan installed to help reduce the need for the air conditioner in the summer. This is something an electrician in Burbank can take care of for you. The fan will help with your winter heating bills as well by pushing the hot air down into the living space.

Talk with your family about unplugging electronics including chargers when not in use. Electricity is stilled pulled from items when they are plugged in, even if there is nothing being charged or the appliance is off. This is referred to as phantom power.

If you would like to learn more about what you can do to save on your electric bill, give H Electric a call today.

Outdoor Rooms Possible with Burbank Electrician

With spring coming up quick, you are probably getting ready to tackle some of those outdoor projects you have been dreaming about all winter. Maybe you have been thinking about some new plants or flowers for your landscaping that will be enhanced by some gorgeous outdoor lighting. It is always nice to spend as much time outdoors when the weather is pleasant and being able to look at something pretty while outside is a bonus. Have you considered building an outdoor room? A Burbank electrician, like those at H Electric can help you realize your dreams of being outside, without being directly in the elements.

Imagine being able to be in the fresh air with the sights and sounds of your backyard, while protected from some of the less pleasant aspects like bugs and becoming overly hot. An outdoor room is essentially a living space without the confinement of walls. You will want to have electricity to the room, which is why you will need an electrician. Burbank residents will want to have lighting available for those evening and late-night gatherings outside. Another option you may want to have an electrician take care of for you is to add a couple of outlets. This will give you the freedom to have a radio or television in your outdoor room.

Because the outdoor room will be yours, you will have the freedom to customize it to suit your needs. Your electrician will help you choose the best electrical options and complete the work for you to ensure the room is safe and up to code. No matter how easy it may appear, electricity is not something the inexperienced should ever try and deal with. Give H Electric a call today and ask for an electrician who will help you make your dreams of an outdoor room come true.

New Home Construction Needs Met with Electrician in Burbank

Building the home of your dreams is an exciting adventure. You get the freedom to choose colors, designs and the number of rooms. One aspect many homeowners who are building from the ground up are not aware of is the electric portion of the construction. Your builder will likely recommend an electrician or you can choose your own to complete your Burbank electrical work. At H Electric, you will find electricians who have the experience you want and who are willing to work with you and your builder to get you the best house possible.

Because a contractor will have deadlines, you will want to make sure you hire an electrician who will show up on time, communicate any issues and do the best job possible. A good working relationship between the contractor and electrician in Burbank is a must. You will also want to have the freedom of discussing your wants and needs with the electrician. If you plan on using one room as a home office and need additional data lines and outlets, communicate that to the electrician. It is better to plan for these things and do them before the walls are put up and things get a little more complicated.

If you have an idea of how your kitchen will be set up, feel free to talk with your electrician about the number of outlets you need and where you would like them. If you have a lot of appliances, the electrician may need to install an additional breaker to make sure they can all run without overloading the circuit. These are just some of the things you have the luxury of choosing when you work with a qualified electrician from the onset of your new home construction. Give H Electric a call today to learn more about how we can help you make your dream home a reality.

Picking the Ideal Burbank Electrician

There are some key traits you should look for when you make the decision to hire an electrician. It isn’t easy, safe or smart to randomly pick an electrician out of the phone book or to call the first one you see. You could end up calling somebody who is unable to fulfill your needs and ultimately cost you more time, money and a lot of frustration. Save yourself the trouble and call a Burbank electrician who will get the job done right, the first time. You can give H Electric a call and feel confident in your decision.

One of the best ways to find a good electrician is to ask around to those you trust. Most people are happy to tell you the good and the bad about any company or contractor. These are often recommendations and will tell you a lot more than a paid ad or a simple rating from the Better Business Bureau. Take the time to ask at least three people for a name to give yourself a backup in case the first doesn’t workout.

Before you allow anybody to do any kind of work in your home, you will want to ensure they are licensed to practice in your state. This is easy enough to check. If the electrician does not have a valid license, there could be issues with the city or county codes. All electricians should be insured and bonded as well. This protects you and the electrician in the event of an accident in your home.

Last, but not least, there are a couple of extra things you should look for in an electrician. Burbank residents will want somebody showing up at their door who looks professional. A clean uniform and a courteous, personable demeanor are just as important. You can rely on the electricians at H Electric to provide prompt, courteous service every time.

Space Heater Safety Tips by Electrician in Burbank

Those chilly winter nights and mornings can make it a little tough to get moving in the morning. Sitting at your desk or sitting in your favorite chair as you drink your cup of coffee is always a little nicer when you have a space heater in the area to make you feel nice and toasty warm. Be careful you don’t get too warm and never want to leave your spot! However, before you pull out your trusty space heater, there are some precautions you need to take first. Burbank electrical fires are not uncommon and in the winter time, space heaters are often the culprits. At H Electric, we want you to be safe and have put together a list of tips for you to follow before you use your space heater for the first time.

First, before you even plug the heater in, you need to do a careful inspection of the cord. Start from one end and work your way down. Check for any areas where wires are exposed, the plug is loose or discolored, or any cuts or nicks in the protective plastic that protects the electrical wiring in the cord. If you see any signs of wear, take the heater to somebody who can fix the cord before you plug it in. It isn’t worth you risking a fire. You can also call an electrician in Burbank.

If the cord checks out okay, find an available outlet. Do not use an extension cord. Space heaters draw a lot of electricity and can overload an extension cord. Place the heater in an area it has plenty of room to breathe out the back. Do not place it up against a wall, furniture or curtains. The heaters can get very hot and end up sparking a fire when used too close to flammable items.

If you have any more questions or concerns about using your space heater this winter, give H Electric a call today.

Hard-Wired Smoke Detectors a Must by Burbank Electrician

When it comes to keeping your family safe, it is only normal for you to do everything you can. One of the major fears any homeowner has is a fire in your home. Accidents happen and sometimes no matter how cautious you are, all it takes is a little spark to get a fire going. How quickly you learn about that fire can mean the difference between saving your home or losing everything you hold dear as well as putting your family at risk. A Burbank electrician has a suggestion to help make your home a little safer. Have hard-wired smoke detectors installed by an electrician like those at H Electric.

Hard-wired smoke detectors essentially work the same as the typical battery-powered smoke detectors. However, the one main difference, and this is where it matters most, once one detector goes off, every alarm in the home will go off. This adds minutes to your alert time and gives you the time you need to take action. Minutes mean everything in a house fire. In some cases, the television may be too loud or you may be asleep in another room and not immediately hear a smoke detector going off because of the distance. With the connection between all of the detectors in the house, it means you will hear it no matter where you are as long as there is a detector installed nearby by an electrician. Burbank homeowners will want a minimum of 1 detector per floor.

Another major benefit to having this type of smoke detector installed is the fact the power will come directly from your home’s main electric and will not rely on batteries. This ensures you never have to worry about a smoke detector being inoperable due to a dead battery or a borrowed battery. If you are ready to make your home just a little safer, give H Electric a call today and schedule your hard-wired smoke detector installation.

Winter Lighting for the Outdoors by Electrician in Burbank

Solar lighting in your landscape is perfect for long summer days and looks beautiful. Unfortunately, during winter our days are so short and tend to be overcast, there is very little full sun available to charge up solar lights. This means, you are left with a dark yard, which can be unsightly and slightly dangerous. Don’t despair. You have another option that your electrician in Burbank can certainly help you with. Electric landscape lights are perfect for short winter days and will stay brightly lit all through the night and those dreary winter days. H Electric has a team that can help you return your beautiful landscaping to all its splendor.

You will need to hire somebody familiar with your Burbank electrical needs to install your new landscaping lights. The lights will require the electrical cord to be buried and then hard-wired into your home’s electricity. This is certainly something that needs to be handled by an experienced electrician. Another winter home lighting option you have is the installation of security lighting. This can help illuminate an area like your driveway, patio or the front door area. Security lights are much brighter than the standard landscape light and allow you to see more clearly.

Security lights will need to be mounted and wired into the home’s electrical just like the landscape lights. You can choose to have a timer, switch or motion sensor put on the lights. Motion sensors are perfect for saving electricity and will only come on when something steps in front of the light. If you prefer to have the light on when you pull in the driveway, the timer is an ideal option. Make the call to H Electric today and schedule your appointment to make your home safer and more secure with adequate lighting for the winter months.

Lighting Upgrades to Transform Your House by Burbank Electrician

If you have just moved into your home or if you have lived in it 10 plus years, you have probably identified a few things you would like to change to suit your needs and your personal style. Remodels can be expensive and are not always realistic. However, you can do a few things that are not going to break the bank and will go a long way to improving the overall look and feel of a room. One of those things is upgrading the lights in a room or throughout the house. Older homes are more likely to need an upgrade by a Burbank electrician. These upgrades can give peace of mind the fixture is safe and installed up to code. The team at H Electric can help make this happen for you.

Lighting is so important to our daily lives. It can help create a relaxing atmosphere or provide the necessary light for certain activities. Without light, simple things like preparing dinner or reading a bedtime story are virtually impossible without adequate lighting. You have the power to change the way a room looks by simply having a new light fixture installed.

Take a trip to the home improvement store or your favorite lighting store and check out all the gorgeous fixtures. If you haven’t been in a while, you will be amazed at the diversity available today. Big, small, ornate, plain, you name it, it is there. Once you have decided which fixtures you want to have installed, call your electrician. Burbank homeowners will need to have the work done by a certified electrician to ensure it is done right and is safe. Electricity is not something anybody who doesn’t have the experience or knowledge about should ever mess around with. Give H Electric a call and schedule your home’s lighting upgrade.

Power Outage Advice from Electrician in Burbank

You never know when the next power outage is going to strike. It could be an accident that knocks down a pole or a terrible storm that blows through and takes out a few lines or transformers. No matter the reason, the result is always the same—no electricity. Fortunately, these incidents are few and far between for the most part. It is always a good idea to be prepared and one of the ways you can do that is by arming yourself with knowledge before the power outage happens. Your electrician in Burbank has some valuable tips to prevent you from enduring any serious loss following the outage. The team at H Electric can provide you with more information if you would like it.

Obviously, there is no need to panic in the aftermath of a loss of power. It will all be over soon and the only thing you can do is sit back and enjoy a few hours without being “plugged in.” Speaking of, you will want to unplug all of your sensitive electronics. Anything that has a computer in it should be unplugged to protect the device from a power surge when the electricity comes back on. This can save you a lot of money in Burbank electrical repairs. You can’t unplug your refrigerators and other large appliances, but for the most part, they should be okay. Turn off all light switches as well to reduce a major power surge coming into the house.

If it is cold out, make sure you keep the doors and windows closed to the outside. Close any doors to rooms that are not necessary. Bundle up in warm clothing and grab a blanket. When possible, keep everybody in the same room so body heat has a chance to keep you warm. If you have a woodstove, you are in luck! If you would like to learn more about what you can do to ride out a power outage, give H Electric a call today.