Electrician in Burbank: Supercharged Part I

Hi. My name’s Mike, and I’m a Burbank electrician. You probably found this blog when searching for electrician Burbank CA. You wouldn’t think this was a typical day for an electrician in Burbank, but an electrician in Burbank, CA? Anything can happen here in beautiful downtown Burbank.

So, my day starts out in the usual way, meeting my buddy, Sandy, another Burbank electrician, for coffee. He works for H Electric. He came up behind me, in the parking lot where I was inventorying my truck and looking at the day’s lineup. I had a ceiling fan installation, a custom lighting gig, an electrical panel and conduit replacement, and a whole house surge protector to do before 3. But such is the life of a professional electrician. Burbank CA is a busy place.

Sandy looks up at the sky. “You got any outdoor gigs today?” he asked.

“It depends on where the conduit is located for that panel upgrade,” I said. “Why?”

“I’m not sure, but that’s the oddest colored sky I’ve seen since I moved to CA from the Midwest.”

I looked in the direction he indicated. The sky did seem to have sort of a yellowish-green hue to it, and big whipped cream clouds were rolling up from the southwest. Except the whipped cream was the color of bilge water against that green sky. The clouds were full of electricity. I’d only seen that once before, where the electricity travels within the clouds, lighting them like giant electrical strobes instead of striking out as lightning. I shivered. It was eerie.

“Whoa,” I said. “Glad I’m not doing that landscaping lighting job till tomorrow.” I straightened up the rest of my electrical wiring, stowed my electrical tools and locked my truck. We started across the street toward the coffee shop.

The wind picked up and sputtered around us, whipping leaves and bits of debris, discarded shopping bags, and lost parking tickets into a whirlwind. The temperature dropped and a few huge raindrops pelted me. My head was bent forward into the wind, and I held my cap on as I ran around the corner toward the coffee shop entrance.

“Hey! Look out!” Sandy shouted, and then, “what the…?” He reached out, preventing me from continuing. I was about to step into a depression where concrete had been removed and filled with sand.

I looked up then. A huge copper art piece had been installed in front of the café. My first impression was of a giant arrow, then an arrow in a globe. I stood transfixed, my eyes running up and down the length of the exhibit, while the feeling of electrical charge ran simultaneously up and down my spine. At the top of the long rod was a bright copper and silver finial. The copper rod reached down through an intricately designed globe which whirled in the wind, looking like a Renaissance weathervane. The rod continued on through a base of copper strips shaped like a pendulum, ending in another copper and silver finial.

“Who authorized this hazard?” muttered Sandy.

Hazard was right. I knew now why I my mind was running like electrical current, spinning, whirring, connecting. I looked down at the arrow-like base and at the sand around it. Ye gods! I suddenly knew the purpose of the thing.

Find out what happens to Mike and Sandy in Part 2 of my Burbank Electrician blog.

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