Electrician in Burbank – Tips for Space Heater Safety

When the weather is cold, sometimes you may need a little extra heat than the heating system can provide. Especially if you spend time in an unheated basement or attic, you may decide that you need a portable heater. These are a great way to stay warm, even in the coldest winter chill. However, if you decide to use a space heater, it is important that you practice space heater safety.  Following these simple tips will ensure that your space heater remains safe to use:

  • Keep all flammable items away from the space heater, this includes paper, clothes, chemicals and anything else that could easily catch fire.
  • Plug the space heater directly into an outlet, not using a three-in-one adapter. An electrician in Burbank, such as one of the experts from H Electric, may be able to help you if you need additional outlets.
  • Use the space heater in a place where it will not be tripped over by those walking by.
  • Do not use a space heater in a bathroom or other wet location—unless the heater is made especially for use in this space.
  • If your heater or plug is damaged or broken, have it inspected by an electrician Burbank from H Electric.
  • Do not run cord under rugs or carpets. This can be a fire hazard.
  • Do not leave a heater in a room with unsupervised children. Children do not always understand that the heater is not a toy and may burn themselves on it.
  • Always turn off your heater when you are not using it, or you leave your home.

While a space heater is an important tool to stay warm in winter, it is important to be safe when you use one. Contact H Electric today and let one of our professionals help you with all your space heater concerns.

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