Burbank Electrician Makes Haunted House Come Alive

I was visiting a friend in Burbank, CA recently while she and her husband were getting ready for the upcoming holidays. Every year they go all out for Halloween – hanging up purple and orange lights, fake cobwebs, plastic skeletons, flying witches. The best parts of their display are the life-sized electric characters that they set out around their home. You know – the ones that are based off of characters from various horror movies, that move and talk give most people the creeps. It seems like every year they’ve got a new addition to their collection.

You see, my friends are somewhat known in their neck of the woods for having the spookiest, most elaborate haunted house every year. Each Halloween they open up their home to the neighborhood children and their parents, along with anyone else who wishes to venture inside. Some people have been known to drive all the way from neighboring towns to visit their haunted house!

On this particular visit, as I was helping my friends get ready for the impending holiday, something went awry, which put us behind schedule. While my friend’s husband was plugging in their electric characters to test them out, we realized that he must have blown a circuit breaker because we were suddenly immersed in darkness.

My friend’s husband tried resetting the circuit breaker, but that didn’t seem to work. So then we thought that it must have been a power surge which had overpowered our electrical circuits. However, none of the other houses in the neighborhood seemed to have lost power. We were bewildered, to say the least.

My friend mentioned that a co-worker had recently used H Electric to do some electrical repairs at her home. Within minutes, she found the electrical contractor’s phone number by doing a search on the Internet for electrician Burbank. Within minutes they had an electrician on the line, and they were told that an experienced Burbank electrician would be sent out immediately to take care of their service call.

In a very short amount of time, the H Electric electrician arrived at my friends’ house in a fully stocked van, complete with a logo on the side. He was very professionally dressed in his uniform, and upon entering the home he handed me a business card. The card showed he was a licensed electrician in Burbank CA, and that he had many years of electrical experience.

The Burbank electrician was very professional, came prepared, and was extremely polite. The first thing he explained to us was that he was going to do was some electrical troubleshooting; which, in layman’s terms, meant he would locate the electrical problem and then fix it as quickly as possible. He said it could take a long or a short amount of time, depending on what the electrical problem was. After a quick overview he went right to work, retrieving the needed electrical tools from his van.

Since I wasn’t from the area, I didn’t have much experience dealing with an electrician in Burbank.  Much to my relief, I was pleased that the H Electric Burbank electrician seemed very honest.  After some quick electrical troubleshooting, he was able to locate the electrical problem, and he told us that he’d have our electrical fixed in no time at all. After running out to his van to retrieve a few more electrical supplies, he returned to the house and had the electrical issue fixed within one hour – incredible!

Not only did the Burbank electrician fix the electrical repair in less than an hour, he also gave my friends a free electrical estimate for some other electrical work they had wanted done at their house such as some new recessed lighting, replacing outlets, installing a ceiling fan in their kitchen and (last but not least) a whole house surge protector. We were all very impressed with his electrical work, and as my friend’s husband commenced getting ready for the upcoming holiday, I decided to sit down at the computer and do an Internet search of my own for electrician Burbank CA.  As it turned out, none of the other electrical contracting companies that I found had nearly as many good reviews as H Electric.

My friends were able to put on the best haunted house they’d ever hosted that Halloween night, and I went home with the H Electric electrical contracting company business card in my pocket.  After having such a pleasant experience, I knew that if I’m ever in need of an electrician in Burbank, I’ll certainly know who to call!


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