Burbank CA Electrician Explains Whole House Lighting Systems

Light adds warmth and ambiance to any room, so whether you are building a new home or remodeling an existing one, you should explore the current options for whole house electrical lighting systems. You no longer have to rely on lamps in dens and living rooms or even clutter up your walls with countless electrical switches and knobs; a local Burbank electrician can create unique lighting systems that suit your home and personality.

What is a Whole House Lighting System?

There is no single definition for whole house lighting, but the phrase generally refers to automated systems which allow you to control the intensity of the light anywhere in your home with a remote. Dimming lights during the night or when you’re gone allows you to deter intruders while saving energy. Another money-saving option that electricians in Burbank such as those at H Electric can install is occupancy / vacancy sensors which automatically turn lights off when you leave a room and on again when someone enters.

Do you have a home security system? If so, your electrician from Burbank CA can integrate your home lighting system into the security system. Pathway lighting allows you to illuminate paths from one portion of the house to another with a single button. A remote control similar to a garage door opener can even be activated from your car turning on lights outside, in the garage, entryway and along any pathway that you design within your home or business.

Additional Automated Features

You may be familiar with vacation lighting timers that you could attach to a single lamp. You could set the control to turn a lamp on and off at exactly same time each day while you were out of town as a way to make your absence less noticeable. An automated electrical lighting system installed by a licensed Burbank electrician eliminates the need to buy multiple controls (one for each lamp), and can be programmed to follow your daily routine throughout the day while you’re gone – even raising and lowering shades if the home is fully automated!

Fully automated houses can integrate lights, shades, home theaters and even HVAC systems with the wireless system in your home. If you forget to adjust the thermostat before leaving town it’s no problem; you can log onto your laptop, access the system and make the adjustment from anywhere with the most advanced systems.

Single Rooms

Maybe redoing the lighting system in your entire house is not on your agenda – or in line with your budget. This doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of some of the beautiful, energy saving custom lighting advances. Your Burbank CA electrician can offer you a wide variety of single room lighting installations that set the mood for the room and utilize attractive electrical switches and updated electrical outlet and switch cover plates to fit any décor. Electrical dimmers, timers and sensors can all help you to save energy by reducing wattage used at night, or turning off fans and lights after a period of time. This can be something that can be extremely helpful and cost effective to any household.

Are you interested in added sensors without entirely updating your home? A Burbank electrician can install retrofit wall sensors that give you some of the same advantages found in fully automated homes.

H Electric of Burbank CA offers home and business lighting solutions in conjunction with a full range of electrical services such as panel upgrades, ceiling fan installations, recessed and custom lighting, electrical troubleshooting and repairs, and complete rewires and more. Give them a call today and see what how a Burbank electrician can enhance both the beauty and security of your home with state of the art home lighting systems.

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