Your Burbank Electrician Talks About Power Surge Protection

Every Burbank business and residence is at risk of inconsistent power surges that can shut down and damage computers, machinery and their electrical system. Let’s face it, crippling power surges never come at a good time. With every surge there is the risk of lost data, damaged computers, TV’s or other valuable electronics, malfunctioning machinery, and many other devastating consequences.

Businesses and residences alike can protect themselves from these violent surges with professionally installed power surge protection equipment. Unfortunately, most power surges tend to occur most frequently in the more densely populated areas. Our Burbank electrician services company can provide extensive household or business-wide power surge protection units that operate similarly to the surge protector strip used on your computer. However, the types of power surge units installed in your home or business by H Electric will protect every aspect of the location, not just the computer.

As we all know, power surges can be caused by a number of natural or man-made events, and some of these surges can be extremely volatile. Installing commercial grade surge protectors is a very effective way to reduce the risk of electronic equipment being damaged by voltage spikes. A good surge protector will provide consistent current, allowing your home or business to resume activities as normal with virtually no down time.

Burbank experiences more than a fair share of power outages, so why not give us a call today at H Electric and we’ll help you to minimize the effects of these types of outages with a professional surge protection unit installed by a licensed electrician Burbank professional. You can visit us at, or feel free to give us a call Monday through Friday between 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. to find out more.



Electrician Burbank – Meeting Your Customer Service Needs

The electrician services requirements for any two customers aren’t exactly the same. This applies not only to type of electrical job that’s being done, but also to the individual’s customer service needs.  For example, a customer hiring an electrician in Burbank may need an exact time to start the job, and so they’ll want to schedule it for the first thing in the morning. Another customer may have a more flexible daily schedule, and they would be able to schedule the job within a two hour window during any time of the day.

When it comes to the kind of customer service that everyone’s looking for, though, there are many ideal factors that come to mind. Some of these would be: good communication, punctuality, friendliness, and professionalism. When an electrical contracting company demonstrates these types of qualities, providing top level customer service to their customers becomes a very simple thing to do.

In terms of good communication, an electrical contracting company should always answer the phone during business hours, and promptly return phone calls or e-mails as needed. They should be good at handling their customer’s questions and providing them with pertinent information. A friendly and helpful attitude from both the office staff and the technician is essential.

When a service technician goes out to do a job, they should arrive on time as promised, and park their vehicle in the appropriate location. They should be respectful of the customer’s home or office space by placing tarps on the floor and/or wearing shoe covers as needed.

While doing a job, whether it’s a small job like replacing an electrical outlet or a dimmer switch or a larger job like a home rewire, the electrician should keep the customer informed about the progress of the work. Once the job is completed, the technician should thoroughly clean up any mess or debris and leave the area exactly as clean as it was when they arrived.

At H Electric, we take pride in providing friendly, courteous and professional residential and commercial electrical services in Burbank. Electrician services range from simple service calls to complete rewires and more.

To find excellence in both customer service and quality workmanship, you can visit us at, or you can just give us a call at H Electric and we will provide the best of both to you.

Electrician in Burbank Helps to Make Your Landscape Glow

One of the advantages of living in Southern California is the beautiful climate. If you are a homeowner in Burbank, that climate makes having an outdoor living essential. Custom outdoor lighting can help create a warm and welcoming atmosphere to transform your ordinary yard, patio, porch or deck into a comfortable and sophisticated living space, perfect for outdoor entertaining, as well as quiet evenings at home with the family. Outdoor lighting also fills some very practical needs, such as security and safety. If your outdoor lighting needs to be upgraded,

Outdoor lighting has come a long way in recent years, progressing from the standard porch light near the door and lanterns at the end of the drive to sophisticated landscape lighting ensembles. Outdoor lighting options have become as plentiful and varied as indoor lighting choices, offering the ability to create unique and tasteful outdoor lighting schemes. A talented and capable Burbank electrician can help you develop an outdoor lighting plan to suit your needs, enhancing the safety and security of your home as well as its atmosphere.

Among the safety features that an electrical contractor should incorporate into a good outdoor lighting plan are pathway lighting for safe nighttime navigation, and illumination around outdoor stairs and swimming pools. Security calls for lighting near entryways to the home, garage and any other outbuildings on the property. For atmosphere, strategically placed lighting can accent the best features of your landscape, such as fountains, statues or ornamental trees.

For help in planning your outdoor lighting, you won’t find a better electrical contractor to suit your needs better than H Electric. We’re a solid, dependable electrician services company that has been serving Burbank homeowners for more than twenty years. You can always find us on the web simply by searching for electrician Burbank CA.

Rewiring Your Home – Your Burbank Electrician

When buying an older home, it is very important to have the wiring inspected before completing the sale of the home. Depending on the age of the home, it is possible that the wiring is no longer up to date with current electrical codes and standards. This can lead to many unforeseen hazards if not addressed properly. If necessary, you can have an electrician in Burbank CA find and update any wiring that is no longer safe, or up to code. In some cases, an electrician could even find do-it-yourself fixes and wiring that can expose you and your family to dangerous hazards if not corrected.
Getting Started
One of the first things that you need to do is find and choose a qualified electrician Burbank to complete the home rewire for you. In many cases, you may need to do other upgrades such as breaker panel upgrades, lighting upgrades and possibly new electrical outlets installed. You will not know the extent of the upgrades, repairs and replacements that are required until H Electric or another qualified electrical contractor performs their electrical safety assessments.
When you have chosen the right electrician in Burbank for your job, jot down any questions or concerns that you might have. It is important to write down any of these as they come to mind, so that you do not forget when the contractor is at your home. This should include anything that you have already noticed. This list will help you remember everything that you need to ask, as well as speed up the service call.
Using a High Quality Electrician Burbank CA
One of the most important things that you can do in the process of your home rewire is to choose a top-notch electrician for the job. Make sure to choose a Burbank electrician that is qualified and experienced as well as licensed, insured and certified. While doing your research, you should also look into their past work, specialties and any references that they may have. A home rewire can become a very extensive project, and you want to make sure that you have chosen the best for the job.
Because of this, make sure that you choose someone that has the experience and trust of the community. This will help to ensure that your house rewire is completed on time, courteously and to your complete satisfaction. One question that you should ask is about the size of the team that your electrician in Burbank CA has. Because your job will take several days, it is important to know that there won’t be delays if one many calls out sick. A good electrical contracting company will have a team large enough to send out replacements in the case of injury or illness.
Other Things to Think About

While the electrician Burbank is out rewiring your home, are there any other upgrades or changes to your electrical system that you would like to have made? This is your chance to install additional electrical outlets, have ceiling fans installed, or change your interior lighting. You should also talk with them about whole house surge protectors and electrical generators. These two precautions can help protect your valuable electronics and appliances, while keeping your electricity on during an outage.
Once your home’s electrical system has been upgraded, you can rest more easily knowing that your safety has increased. In many cases, you will also gain efficiency. This is also a great time to fully make a new home your own (or change up a home that you have been living in), with electrical upgrades and other installations. If you have any doubts about your electrical system, you should have it inspected by a qualified electrician in Burbank right away.

What to Expect from a Qualified Electrician in Burbank CA

Finding an electrician in Burbank CA can be challenging because of the many available choices today. There are companies that call homeowners from time to time asking for the need to reinstall or maintain electrical connections in your home. If you are not careful in choosing the right electrician Burbank CA expert to work on your electrical concerns, you may end up wasting resources and you may even be putting your family’s life and property at risk. Thus, if you have gone through the rigid process of screening and selecting a Burbank electrician and you have decided who to hire, below are some of the possible expectations from reliable and credible electrical experts.

1. Any electrician Burbank CA locals recommend to business and homeowners should have the proper licensing and certification.


A qualified Burbank electrician such as H Electric has the proper licensing and they have certified Journeyman Burbank electricians in the field. If you wish, you can check out the license of your electrician in Burbank CA with the California State License Board. When you get a positive response, you’ll know that your safety will not be jeopardized. Otherwise, if you hire an electrician without the proper licensing or certification, you will not be protecting yourself or your family.


2. A recommended electrician in Burbank is the best choice.


It would be best to know the clients that your electrician has served. The number of clients can determine the level of trust and confidence that his clients have on him. The duration of the length of years in service can be a good indicator of reliability, too. When you hire a Burbank electrician, you can do some research in terms of services the contractor has provided to other people in your community, such as your friends, family or co-workers. Better yet, you can call H Electric, because they have the endorsement of many happy customers.


3. A reliable Burbank electrician may have some good service testimonials online.


Some clients are very vocal about their recommendations. If you check online, you’ll find H Electric, a highly recommended electrician in Burbank CA. They have positive online reviews from their clients, proving the level of satisfaction in terms of different factors such as electrical services and repairs, pricing, availability, and so on. You’ll find it very reassuring to read through some of the comments, and you’ll be able to get an idea of some of the factors that you’ll need to consider when hiring your Burbank electrician. There are many different review sites that are easy to find online such as Google, Yahoo, Better Business Bureau and more. You can pick your favorite search engine, and enter the keywords “H Electric,” and by doing so this will lead you directly to their website.


4. Your electrician Burbank CA expert should have a written estimate of the work that needs to be done prepared for you before the work begins.


Never ask for an electrical project to be done if an estimate has not been presented. The scope should be clear and the materials are specified. This way, you will know what will be fixed or installed and with the scope of work, you can easily determine whether the pricing is acceptable or not. H Electric, your reliable Burbank electrician, will always provide this for you.

The above sets your expectations for an electrician Burbank CA expert. If one of the above requirements is not satisfied, it’s time to call H Electric, a top notch licensed, bonded, and insured electrician in Burbank CA.



Finding Your Own Personal Electrician in Burbank CA

Many people in Burbank today place great emphasis on having a personal trainer. They help you to get fit and also keep you motivated. Because we are often dependant on outside validation, they can fill this role as well. Always ready with excellent, up-to-date knowledge, a good personal trainer is a must for anyone serious about working out. A casual trainer, contacted at short notice from a pool, isn’t good enough. But how many people pay the same attention to getting a good electrician in Burbank CA? How often do the go the web and do a search for the term Electrician Burbank CA to find one that they can rely on?

The fact is, it can be hard to find a good electrician. And, as anyone who has owned a home for a while knows all too well, you never know when you’re going to need one. A company like H Electric, a Burbank electrician who is capable of critical jobs like aluminum wiring replacement, or house electrical rewiring as well as less challenging jobs such as having attic fans replaced or custom lighting fitted, is a valuable asset for the discerning homeowner or any commercial property management company.

Using a local electrician in Burbank CA is an advantage to those living there, as there is less travelling time necessary for the electrical contractor, and you can be sure of a quick response. Often Burbank electricians don’t arrive at the job when agreed; however, H Electric guarantees that they will be on time, or, if there is a very good reason they can’t make it, they will keep you informed. No impatient waiting with nary a word from the contractor. They can undertake commercial electrical work as well as residential electrical jobs with equal confidence.

Whether you own or manage commercial or residential property, you can always use a solid, dependable service electrician with the right attitude towards his work. And how many electricians do you know who are prepared to stand behind their work 100% and offer a lifetime guarantee? An electrician who takes such a pride in the quality of his work is a great find. Quotations up front that you can agree upon with the contractor and someone who arrives on time as agreed — sounds like heaven to me! But these are no pie-in-the sky promises, as happy customers will testify. They speak Spanish as well, and they offer friendly courteous service. It’s what we all want — five-star quality electrical work at very affordable prices.

Perhaps you should consider keeping a note handy at your home or office that says: H Electric, my personal Burbank electrician along with their website and phone contact information so that you’ll know who to call when you have to deal with any electrical repairs or services. You never know when something might happen with your electrical system, and you’ll only want the most superior work, so it’s easy to take this simple step so that you’re fully prepared.

If you own an older building or home, electrical safety assessments are critical. Many fires are started by faulty wiring or other problems and it is wise to make sure that your electrical wiring is completely safe, and that it meets all of the electrical code requirements. This will save you time and money, because many insurers won’t cover a home or building that has aluminum wiring, for instance. Bottom line, it’s always a good thing to make sure that your house or building complies with all the latest electrical safety code requirements.

So perhaps having a Burbank electrician isn’t in quite the same category as a personal trainer. But he should be at least as important to you because the safety of your family and yourself is certainly of utmost importance. It’s best to avoid potential injuries and even possibly deaths that can be caused by fires caused by faulty wiring or even just poor interior lighting, especially on stairs. A good electrician is just as important as any personal trainer to anyone who is serious about safety, so having the contact details for a good electrician in Burbank CA on hand where they can easily be found is the way to go. You can find H Electric on the web by typing in electrician Burbank CA, and keeping their company information on hand is a great first step when looking for a reliable, licensed, and bonded electrician that you can call your own!

Surge Protectors – Can They Save Your Electronics from Getting Fried?

A Whole House Surge Protector is a device that protects the electronics and appliances in your home from sharp spikes in electric power, called “surges.” Electric surges can fry the electronics in computers, phones, thermostats, TVs, microwaves, fridges…any appliance that has computerized components. Today, that’s most appliances. A local licensed Burbank electrician can install a Whole House Surge Protector for you.

When Do Power Surges Occur?

Minor surges can occur when appliances in your home turn on and off. These won’t destroy your electronics in one fell swoop, but they can shorten the lives of your computers and appliances.

Anytime the power from the electric utility company accidentally fluctuates, a large surge can flood through your wiring. Downed utility lines, a car hitting a power pole, a nearby lightning strike, or power returning after an outage can all cause surges. These can wipe out your computers, entertainment centers, and appliances. Damage can be in the thousands of dollars, and in some cases, tens of thousands.

Guaranteed Protection

A Whole House Surge Protector can protect all the electronic devices in your entire house. It’s about as big as a toaster and attaches to your main electrical panel. Some manufacturers are so certain of your protection that they provide you with a warranty against damage. If your electronics or appliances suffer any damage due to a surge, the manufacturer will cover the cost of replacement.

Aren’t Power Strip Surge Protectors Good Enough?

Quality surge protector in power strips for computers and entertainment systems are important supplementary protection and are required for validation of the warranty on your Whole House Surge Protector. However, the quality of power strip protection varies considerably, with some giving no real protection. Of course, power strips on your computers give no protection at all for your TV, washer, or other appliances. A recent article on the “This Old House” website summarizes the situation: “Many homeowners believe that adequate surge protection begins and ends with plugging their computer into a power strip. Unfortunately, that’s seldom the case.”

Which Whole House Surge Protector Should I Buy?

Surge protectors vary in degree of protection offered, warranties, and price. If you live in Florida or another area where lightning is common, you’ll want a higher level of protection than in other parts of the country. As you’ll need an electrician for installation, you can consult with your electrician or the manufacturer to determine which level of protection makes sense for you.

As a note, the biggest challenge to a surge protector is lightning. In fact, manufacturers won’t generally warranty against damage due to a direct lightning strike to your house. However, this would be a rare event and could cause a lot more damage than simply loss of your electronics. Most frequently, power surge damage is due to a nearby lightning strike (rather than a direct hit) or to fluctuation in power. That’s where a Whole House Surge Protector will pay off.

Aren’t Whole House Surge Protectors Expensive?

Whole House Surge Protectors have been available to home owners for over 25 years, but their cost has been prohibitive, about $800-$1,200, depending on the level of protection. Fortunately, due to improvements in technology, prices have halved, with the less expensive ones being in the $400 range.

Over the years, homeowners have become accustomed to buying smoke alarms and fire insurance. They would rather be safe than sorry. Protecting home electronics against power surges is a newer idea. Considering the cost and the grief of replacing home computers, entertainment systems, and appliances, here too, it makes sense to be safe rather than sorry.

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Summary: A Whole House Surge Protector is a device that protects the electronics and appliances in your home from sharp spikes in electric power, called “surges.” Electric surges can fry the electronics in computers, phones, thermostats, TVs, microwaves, fridges…any appliance that has computerized components. You can protect your electronics and appliances from damage due to power surges by installing a “Whole House Surge Protector.” Ask your Burbank electrician about installation services for these devices.


Burbank Electrician Takes On House Rewiring

Have you ever wondered if you need a rewire at your home or office, and, if so, how you should go about getting the electrical work accomplished? Many older homes in the area of Burbank, CA are in need of a house rewire due to having old and unsafe cloth wiring. If you think you have cloth wiring in your home and you live in the Burbank area, you can call on H Electric for dependable Burbank electrician services.

No matter where you live, though, the various problems that can arise when needing a rewire are the same. Besides replacing any old cloth covered wiring for safety issues, people may also find that they have insufficient amount of electrical outlets, or problems with their office or home lighting and/or their fuse and/or circuit breakers, and lack of overall power such as their lighting dimming or losing power when the microwave is on at the same time as the electric range, etc.

Often times, if a house is in need of rewiring it can go unnoticed until you start having problems with a circuit if an electrical device needs more electricity than the breaker or original wiring was designed for. If you start having these types of problems and you live in the Burbank area, you can call on H Electric, a licensed Burbank electrician.

Nowadays everyone has highly powered computers, electric ovens, big refrigerators, high-powered shop tools, etc., which all increase the electric load at a home or office building. Often a homeowner might renovate their kitchen or bathroom and add some modern devices, and then they discover that the power shortage problems start up due to the extra load. A good example would be if you added a custom home theatre and spend thousands in electronics and yet you have a 1940’s or 50’s fuse panel. This is just asking for trouble and putting your investment at risk. It’s best to call a licensed electrician in Burbank before if you renovate certain areas of your home so that he can evaluate your electrical wiring system beforehand in order to avoid problems later on.

Of course, it’s always best to hire a licensed and professional Burbank electrician so that you can avoid electrical safety hazards rather than attempting to take any short cuts. H Electric is a licensed electrical contractor that can provide reasonable pricing for all of your electrical needs, and they also specialize in house rewires. They’ll give you an electrical evaluation to let you know if you need to replace your electrical wiring and then they’ll be able to determine if your home is electrically safe. Remember, often electrical fires are started by rats or mice eating through old-style cloth wiring; so it’s always best to take the route of “safety first.”

If your contractor decides that a rewire is what’s needed in your home or office building, it’s not the simplest job in the world since most of the electrical wires are behind the drywall or plaster walls. However, H Electric, your electrician in Burbank CA, are rewiring experts and they’ll quickly and efficiently come in and get all of the old wiring out and route the new in. In terms of safety, comfort and convenience, it will be well worth the outcome.

If you live in the Burbank or greater Los Angeles area, there’s no need to look any further on the Internet for electrician Burbank CA. You can simply call H Electric, your Burbank electrician, and they will take care of any or all of your electrical jobs — no matter how big or small they might be.

Burbank CA Electrician Explains Whole House Lighting Systems

Light adds warmth and ambiance to any room, so whether you are building a new home or remodeling an existing one, you should explore the current options for whole house electrical lighting systems. You no longer have to rely on lamps in dens and living rooms or even clutter up your walls with countless electrical switches and knobs; a local Burbank electrician can create unique lighting systems that suit your home and personality.

What is a Whole House Lighting System?

There is no single definition for whole house lighting, but the phrase generally refers to automated systems which allow you to control the intensity of the light anywhere in your home with a remote. Dimming lights during the night or when you’re gone allows you to deter intruders while saving energy. Another money-saving option that electricians in Burbank such as those at H Electric can install is occupancy / vacancy sensors which automatically turn lights off when you leave a room and on again when someone enters.

Do you have a home security system? If so, your electrician from Burbank CA can integrate your home lighting system into the security system. Pathway lighting allows you to illuminate paths from one portion of the house to another with a single button. A remote control similar to a garage door opener can even be activated from your car turning on lights outside, in the garage, entryway and along any pathway that you design within your home or business.

Additional Automated Features

You may be familiar with vacation lighting timers that you could attach to a single lamp. You could set the control to turn a lamp on and off at exactly same time each day while you were out of town as a way to make your absence less noticeable. An automated electrical lighting system installed by a licensed Burbank electrician eliminates the need to buy multiple controls (one for each lamp), and can be programmed to follow your daily routine throughout the day while you’re gone – even raising and lowering shades if the home is fully automated!

Fully automated houses can integrate lights, shades, home theaters and even HVAC systems with the wireless system in your home. If you forget to adjust the thermostat before leaving town it’s no problem; you can log onto your laptop, access the system and make the adjustment from anywhere with the most advanced systems.

Single Rooms

Maybe redoing the lighting system in your entire house is not on your agenda – or in line with your budget. This doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of some of the beautiful, energy saving custom lighting advances. Your Burbank CA electrician can offer you a wide variety of single room lighting installations that set the mood for the room and utilize attractive electrical switches and updated electrical outlet and switch cover plates to fit any décor. Electrical dimmers, timers and sensors can all help you to save energy by reducing wattage used at night, or turning off fans and lights after a period of time. This can be something that can be extremely helpful and cost effective to any household.

Are you interested in added sensors without entirely updating your home? A Burbank electrician can install retrofit wall sensors that give you some of the same advantages found in fully automated homes.

H Electric of Burbank CA offers home and business lighting solutions in conjunction with a full range of electrical services such as panel upgrades, ceiling fan installations, recessed and custom lighting, electrical troubleshooting and repairs, and complete rewires and more. Give them a call today and see what how a Burbank electrician can enhance both the beauty and security of your home with state of the art home lighting systems.

Burbank Electrician Makes Haunted House Come Alive

I was visiting a friend in Burbank, CA recently while she and her husband were getting ready for the upcoming holidays. Every year they go all out for Halloween – hanging up purple and orange lights, fake cobwebs, plastic skeletons, flying witches. The best parts of their display are the life-sized electric characters that they set out around their home. You know – the ones that are based off of characters from various horror movies, that move and talk give most people the creeps. It seems like every year they’ve got a new addition to their collection.

You see, my friends are somewhat known in their neck of the woods for having the spookiest, most elaborate haunted house every year. Each Halloween they open up their home to the neighborhood children and their parents, along with anyone else who wishes to venture inside. Some people have been known to drive all the way from neighboring towns to visit their haunted house!

On this particular visit, as I was helping my friends get ready for the impending holiday, something went awry, which put us behind schedule. While my friend’s husband was plugging in their electric characters to test them out, we realized that he must have blown a circuit breaker because we were suddenly immersed in darkness.

My friend’s husband tried resetting the circuit breaker, but that didn’t seem to work. So then we thought that it must have been a power surge which had overpowered our electrical circuits. However, none of the other houses in the neighborhood seemed to have lost power. We were bewildered, to say the least.

My friend mentioned that a co-worker had recently used H Electric to do some electrical repairs at her home. Within minutes, she found the electrical contractor’s phone number by doing a search on the Internet for electrician Burbank. Within minutes they had an electrician on the line, and they were told that an experienced Burbank electrician would be sent out immediately to take care of their service call.

In a very short amount of time, the H Electric electrician arrived at my friends’ house in a fully stocked van, complete with a logo on the side. He was very professionally dressed in his uniform, and upon entering the home he handed me a business card. The card showed he was a licensed electrician in Burbank CA, and that he had many years of electrical experience.

The Burbank electrician was very professional, came prepared, and was extremely polite. The first thing he explained to us was that he was going to do was some electrical troubleshooting; which, in layman’s terms, meant he would locate the electrical problem and then fix it as quickly as possible. He said it could take a long or a short amount of time, depending on what the electrical problem was. After a quick overview he went right to work, retrieving the needed electrical tools from his van.

Since I wasn’t from the area, I didn’t have much experience dealing with an electrician in Burbank.  Much to my relief, I was pleased that the H Electric Burbank electrician seemed very honest.  After some quick electrical troubleshooting, he was able to locate the electrical problem, and he told us that he’d have our electrical fixed in no time at all. After running out to his van to retrieve a few more electrical supplies, he returned to the house and had the electrical issue fixed within one hour – incredible!

Not only did the Burbank electrician fix the electrical repair in less than an hour, he also gave my friends a free electrical estimate for some other electrical work they had wanted done at their house such as some new recessed lighting, replacing outlets, installing a ceiling fan in their kitchen and (last but not least) a whole house surge protector. We were all very impressed with his electrical work, and as my friend’s husband commenced getting ready for the upcoming holiday, I decided to sit down at the computer and do an Internet search of my own for electrician Burbank CA.  As it turned out, none of the other electrical contracting companies that I found had nearly as many good reviews as H Electric.

My friends were able to put on the best haunted house they’d ever hosted that Halloween night, and I went home with the H Electric electrical contracting company business card in my pocket.  After having such a pleasant experience, I knew that if I’m ever in need of an electrician in Burbank, I’ll certainly know who to call!