4 Tips to Prepping for a Power Outage with Burbank Electrician

Power outages are not too common in the area, but they can happen and when they do, you may be a little lost as to what to do. While it is great the outages are few and far between, it is a bit of problem because folks are not used to dealing with them and are often left unprepared. You can prepare for the next power outage by taking care of a few details right now that will make the next outage a breeze. A Burbank electrician has some tips to help you get your family ready. If you want more information about power outage preparation, give H Electric a call.
1-Get a power outage kit together. Your kit should include at least one flashlight, but if you have a large home and a large family, a flashlight for each person is ideal. Emergency candles, matches and candleholders can save batteries.

2-Create a small checklist of things to do when the power goes out.
• Unplug appliances, televisions, gaming systems to prevent damage when power comes back on
• Leave the refrigerator and freezer doors shut
• If it is hot out, leave windows and doors closed to trap the cool air inside
• Call the power company hotline to get an idea of when power will be restored

3-Have your portable generator serviced and make sure you have extension cords to run to refrigerator if outage is going to be extensive. You can avoid the extension cords by having a standby generator installed by an electrician. Burbank homeowners with standby generators can avoid going out in a storm to power up a portable generator.

4-Keep some canned foods on hand that can be eaten without heating i.e. chili, canned meats, beans etc… Don’t forget the manual can opener!

You can’t prevent a power outage from happening, but you can prepare yourself to deal with one. Give H Electric a call if you have questions or want to learn more about standby generators.

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