3 Reasons to Call Electrician Burbank Residents Rely On

No matter how independent we all want to be, there are some things we simply can’t or shouldn’t do on our own. Electrical problems are one of those things, unless you are a certified electrician. There are just too many things that can go wrong when somebody who doesn’t know a thing about electrical wiring tries to take care of an issue that is out of their realm of expertise. Personal safety and the safety of your home and its valuable contents are put at risk when this rule is violated. When should you call an electrician? Burbank denizens can read below to discover the answer.

Visible Wires

If you can see any wires, do not touch them, call an electrician! While this may seem like a pretty straight forward answer, some people will try and put electric tape over the top or cover the exposed wires in some way. This is dangerous.


When you unplug an appliance do you notice a blue arc or hear a popping sound? This can mean a couple of different things and is not uncommon in older outlets that have been well used. It is a fairly simple task for an electrician to identify the problem. In most cases, the outlet will need replaced.

Burning Smell

Burning wires have a very distinct smell. If you ever smell burning, even if you cannot find any smoke, cut the power and call an electrician. Burbank homeowners can rely on H Electric to get to the root of the problem in a timely manner. Wires that have become loose over time or have been damaged by rodents or erosion may need replacement. It is a good idea for an electrician to do a complete electrical safety inspection to determine the condition of the wiring throughout the entire home.
Do not risk your investment by gambling with electrical problems, call H Electric today.

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