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H Electric provides expert electrical services throughout Burbank area for both commercial and residential customers. We've built our reputation by employing highly experienced, certified electricians to serve your electrical needs. Burbank has a lot of electricians, but H Electric's success comes from treating our customers the way we, ourselves, want to be treated by service providers.

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From my initial call to the end of the job, everyone was friendly, intelligent, & willing to explain stuff. Prices were the best from any electrician I've used in past. MY PRIOR ELECTRICIAN WAS GOING TO CHARGE ME MUCH MORE THAN THIS ONE. Robert & Julio were such fast and intelligent technicians that I ended up adding more work to the originally requested, minimal work! All done in one day! -- Stephanie Osbourne

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Making Your Backyard Pool Safe with Electrician in Burbank

By Candy |

One way to enjoy the summer days is with a pool in the backyard. Having family and friends over while you float in the pool and let the kids enjoy the water is an excellent way to make memories that will last a lifetime. Of course, you want to make sure the pool is safe for you and your guests to use and that it doesn’t pose any electrocution hazards. Large pools, whether they are above ground or in ground require electricity. It may sound like a disaster waiting to happen considering the relationship between water and electricity, but an electrician in Burbank can help ensure it is safe. The team at H Electric wants you to enjoy your summer, safely.

You will need an electrical outlet to run the pool filter, pump and heater if you choose to have one. Many homeowners like to have automatic pool covers that also require electricity to operate. You certainly don’t want extension cords running from your pool to the house. It isn’t safe and generally is against city code. You need a receptacle placed somewhat near the pool so your equipment can be plugged directly in without the use of extension cords. 6 feet is typically as close as you want to get the receptacle, but you don’t want it anymore than 20 feet away.

Your electrician can take care of all the Burbank electrical needs. You will need what is referred to as a sub-panel to operate the receptacle. The pool equipment will require enough electricity that it needs its own panel. If there isn’t enough room in your existing electric panel, you will need an upgrade to accommodate the additional electrical requirements. These are all issues your electrician will discuss with you. Give H Electric a call today and schedule your appointment to make your backyard pool a safe place to enjoy.

Stay Safe During a Storm with Standby Generator says Burbank Electrician

By Candy |

Have you already experienced a power outage this year? The height of summer hasn’t even gotten here yet, but it is already proving to be a stormy year. Repeated storms weaken the power grid and you could soon be sitting in the dark. If the summer heats up to triple digit temperatures, people are going to be cranking up those air conditioners. That means the power grid is going to be under an immense amount of pressure to keep up. Guess what? There is a very strong possibility it won’t be able to and blackouts will occur. Are you ready to deal with a power outage that lasts several hours? If not, you need to call your Burbank electrician and inquire about standby generators. The crew at H Electric can tell you everything you need to know about generators and why they are so beneficial to homeowners.

Standby generators are nice to have. Generators in general are helpful to riding out a power outage, but the standby generators are much easier to use than the portable variety. If you are in the middle of a raging storm, the last thing you want to do, or should do really, is run out to the garage and pull out a portable generator and start running electrical cords to it. It is so much safer and convenient to stay in your home and let the generator take care of business on its own. You don’t have to touch a thing.

This is possible with the installation of a switch by your electrician. Burbank homeowners won’t have to turn on the standby generator when the power goes out. The generator is constantly monitoring the power going into the house and within seconds of the electricity flow being interrupted, the standby generator will kick on. It is truly as simple as that! Give H Electric a call today and schedule your generator installation.

Perks of Remodeling with an Electrician in Burbank

By Candy |

Spring and summer projects are an excellent way to add value to your home while making it reflect your personality. Some of those home improvement jobs may include remodeling a room or adding an additional room. Remodeling is a lot easier and more affordable than buying a new home. You don’t have to suffer in cramped quarters or deal with inadequate space that makes you dream of having something different. An electrician in Burbank can help you transform an old bedroom into the office space you need or add an additional bedroom for your growing family. The team at H Electric can help you get started with your remodeling project.

You will want to meet with an electrician to discuss exactly what it is you are looking for. If you are using a contractor to complete the job, the contractor will likely need to outsource the electrical work. You don’t have to go with the electrician the contractor chooses. You do have a say in choosing who you allow to work in your home. Before hiring a contractor, make sure you have that option.

Some of the things you may want to discuss with your electrician are the addition of outlets in the room. With all of the gadgets we use in today’s world, two or three outlets in a room is simply not enough. You will also want to discuss the existing light fixture. While remodeling, it is an excellent time to upgrade an old fixture for a new one that is more energy efficient. This will require the services of somebody familiar with Burbank electrical matters. All of these jobs can be handled by your electrician. If you are ready to make your home a more suitable place for you to live, give H Electric a call today and schedule your remodeling appointment.

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